Charles Manson Helter Skelter
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Charlie Manson Story



The Closing Argument...

She first saw Manson in midsummer of 1968 when Manson came to the ranch with "one or two men and several girls." Some of the girls were Mary Brunner, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, Susan Atkins, Sandra Good, Ruth Morehouse, Helen Bailey, and Brenda McCann. She said the group called themselves the Family. In return for room and board, the girls in the Family cooked, cleaned, helped with the office work. The men took care of the trucks. They did not tend to the horses. Ranch hands working for Mr. Spahn did that. She said she never saw Charles Manson ever do any work at the ranch. She said Charles "Tex" Watson was always working on trucks and dune buggies, and was a good mechanic. She said the original group grew to between twenty and thirty. She recalls Leslie Van Houten started living there in the late summer of 1968.

Shahrokh Hatami. Mr. Hatami was a very close personal friend of Sharon Tate, and her director husband Roman Polanski. Shahrokh is a photographer and he photographed Sharon and filmed her on many occasions. Mr. Hatami testified that in late March 1969, he was at Sharon's residence one day at 10050 Cielo Drive. Sharon was packing to go to Rome the following day, and Hatami was taking some film of her. Abigail Folger, Voytyek Frykowski, and Jay Sebring were also present.

Sometime in the afternoon Hatami, who was in the living room of the Tate residence, looked out of the window and saw a man walking toward the residence; the man was by himself. Now, we learned that this man was Charles Manson; the person that Manson was looking for was Terry Melcher. [Manson was hoping to convince Melcher to produce his music.] But Hatami had never heard the name Terry Melcher before. I asked him whether he was angry about the fact that this man had walked upon the premises, and he answered: "Yes, because he was entering on property of a friend of mine, which I was concerned about because Roman isn't there and Sharon is there."

This is how he said he spoke to the man: "He was coming in; I went toward him. He stopped and I asked him who is he looking for. . . . He mentioned the name, and then I angrily, of course, I wasn't happy that he was coming to that property, and looking at the people he doesn't know, so I angrily pointed out, 'This is not the place. The people you want is back there and you have to take the back alley."

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